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Golden Mother


THere is no standard formula to my private sessions. I work intuitively and energetically. Every session is tailored to the client’s needs and preference. I will create sacred space so you can be a relaxed, open and receptive A normal session may include psycho-spiritual counseling, chakra alignment, regression therapy, journeying, prayers, or calling upon your Guides and Angels!

If you desire privacy to address or improve upon a personal issue, you can book a private session, face to face, over the phone, skype and choose from any of the following themes:

Most people are strapped in a lock down position because of unresolved fears from the past which cause them to lack self confidence and feel insecure.

Reboot your engine by releasing the “handbrake” on your life so you can move forward with freedom and renewed passion!

When I first went to Kathy, I was in a lot of physical pain and emotional confusion. With incredible insight and compassion, she gently led me step by step as we examined negative emotions and habitual patterns that were contributing to my ailments. These negativeness, such as pent-up anger and low self-esteem, are so deep-rooted that I wouldn’t have been able to see them without Kathy’s guiding light.  I had countless “aha” moments during our sessions.

Kathy is also creative in how she uses her teaching tools.  For example, she culls them from various disciplines, ranging from psychology to esoteric teachings from India. Ever since I’ve started working with Savitri, there is more good health, laughter, contentment and clarity in my life.  And most of all, I feel a stronger connection to my Higher Self.

Laura Lin, Lawyer, ESL Teacher, Translator, Palo Alto

Work in a small  intimate group setting to free up the creative “voice” of the group, activate prosperity consciousness, develop skills of mutual acknowledgment, heart-centered communication and genuine appreciation. Launch a realm of infinite possibility for growth , harmony and fulfillment!

“Kathy has had a profound impact on my life in just a few months. For 20 years, I’ve been working with the so-called masters of change but no one helped me achieve the rapid and lasting results that Savitri did. I feel consistently great and am getting great results in all areas of my life. My physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are dancing…and everyone is noticing! You’ll FEEL the difference after just one session with Kathy.”

Karen Katz, 
Chief Revenue Officer, Portola Valley, California

– Deep clearing of dysfunctional patterns that clog your energy system

– Delete residue from karmic template that thwart your best efforts

Be uplifted from depression, lethargy and the blues!

Dissolving age-old grudges and emotional blockage involving family dynamics, ancestry

“It was a wonderful experience to participate in Savitri’s workshop and private session.  Her wisdom and insightful input have touched my heart and brought joy to my quest for spiritual growth.”

William Wong  Marketing Manager of an International Fashion Label, S.E. Asia

Crash course in Law of Attraction, as you think, so you create. Learn ways to monitor your emotional scale, reprogram your neural system with feel-good triggers so your most joyous feelings and thoughts create a new future free from guilt and anger.

Breakthrough deep-seated fears that have sabotaged your relationships, and allow a space for fulfilling personal partnership and win-win professional relationships.

Connect with the Supreme Light; chakra detoxing; energy body alignment to receive the uplifting frequencies of Golden Light.


accessing past records for your highest good to resolve otherwise stubborn lock-downs.

You can choose from any of the themes in a Private consultations .

I work from a place of deep compassion and professional integrity. My conviction is that there is no other healer than the self. No healing can take place unless the person truly desires it and is ready for it. Usually this involves forgiveness and letting go of issues and surrendering to a Higher Intelligence than our petty egos. But aside from taking stock of sound advice and guidance from the outside, I enjoin my clients to develop their own “voice” which speaks from profound soul knowing and honesty. As a facilitator, I bring to my sessions a sense of nurturing, insight and sensitivity, thereby creating a save space for you to complete the healing within yourself.

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