About Kathy : Conflict Resolution through East-West Wisdom.

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Kathy Yunxi Leo (廖芸禧)

has over 30 years of experience in advising organizations and individuals in raising productivity levels, management efficiency, emotional intelligence and conflict resolution.

Trained in psychology and steeped in eastern wisdom teachings, Kathy advises corporate managers in:

  • Working together/building teamwork to achieve goals
  • Identifying the Core Values of your company
  • Building and developing a Core Vision for your group, staff, and clients
  • Getting your employees to work creatively and efficiently at their highest potential and joy.

KATHY LEO is a media host (TV & Radio), author, and corporate coach, who deeply understands the rich, cross-cultural tapestry of our global village, especially the Asia-Pacific Region. A native speaker of Putonghua (Mandarin), Cantonese, Kathy understands many other Chinese dialects as well. She has traveled and worked in Mainland China for two decades and deeply intuits the subtleties of the cultural and historical background of China.  She is a published author of over 15 Chinese volumes, collections of socio-cultural observations of her travels through the Asia-Pacific Region. Kathy pioneers an integrative technique that combines the wisdom of East-West traditions, and is especially effective in corporate coaching, conflict resolution, and raising the bar of integrity in business culture.


Kathy Yunxi Leo (廖芸禧) is blessed with the unique ability to integrate East-and West wisdom teachings and quickly resolve issues in our mind-body-spirit.  Born in Hong Kong,  Kathy studied Psychology & Oriental Art History at Stanford University at the young age of 16, graduating with a Humanities & Sciences degree. Her first training in journalistic reporting was with KQED, PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), San Francisco. This helped launch her career in media (TV and radio) in Asia, where she is known as a TV personality and an accomplished international public speaker and author. She was an ordained Buddhist nun for 13 years at Dharma Realm Buddhist University, California, where she obtained her Masters degree in Translation of Buddhist Texts, followed with five years of working on a Ph.D. dissertation on the Avatamsaka Sutra.  This long foray into the spiritual realm gave Kathy a solid grounding in both theory & practicum of the Buddha’s enlightened reality and other eastern wisdom teachings.

Kathy is a Certified Hypnotherapist, including two years of extensive field work, medical course work, and clinical field trials. She has traveled extensively in India, and is also a Certified Jyotish (Vedic) astrologer from Astroved University of Vedic Sciences, Chennai, India.   She is equally at ease teaching mindful awareness, meditation, manifestation techniques; or, coaching corporate managers in conflict resolution, Emotional Intelligence, goal-setting, even facilitating extreme re-inventions. Kathy believes that each individual and company has a mandate or destiny, and she is adept at identifying their core values, and helping them to fine-tune these values so they can achieve their highest potential and goals.

Kathy has addressed the United Nations SCR Enlightenment Society and taught various courses at the New York Open Center. She has lived in New York, Hawaii, Silicon Valley California, Singapore, and many other cities. Having relocated back to Asia in fall 2010, she is currently involved with media, personal power coaching, corporate development training, relationship consulting, and public speaking. Known to challenge, stimulate and entertain in the forums and seminars she facilitates, her clients include Hospital Authority of Hong Kong, The Women’s Foundation of Hong Kong, and multinational financial services corporations.


  • Emotional Management East-West: ideas & techniques culled from east-west Emotional Wisdom, from Confucius to Taoism to quantum science,   promising high yields in mental health, exemplary job performance, and creative leadership skills.
  • Resolve Conflicts with Harmony & Intelligence. Manage stress quickly while remaining alert and calm. Techniques of mindfulness can raise awareness and intuition which enables you to accurately read and interpret verbal and nonverbal communication–therein the winning edge
  • The New Asian Woman: From years of field work and working with women of many cultures, Kathy champions the new generation of woman who is equal and non-competitive with her male peers, who is independent, has a big heart and subtle mind, and looks at the big picture.
  • Courageous Re-invention: Self re-evaluation that results in Renewal & Regeneration. Activate your hidden strengths & potential. Transform crisis or conflict into opportunities for growth. Turn adversity around and make it work for you!
  • The Power Word: how to act and speak with IMPECCABILITY, honor your word, walk your talk, and lighten up your world with your high spirits! Enjoy genuine freedom of self-expression without guilt, fear or remorse.
  • Conflict Resolution & The Art of Listening: if you have a team in which the members do  not work harmoniously or are just not “in-sync” with each other, I can coach various members to “tune in” and “listen” to what the other party is saying. “Listening” engages both intelligence and the heart, so that instead of reacting by trying to upstage or control the other party,  “listening” opens up our genuine intelligence which is key to understanding, graceful consensus, and  win-win solutions.
  • Zen Humor: “Do the exact opposite of what you are told.”–the paradoxical humor of Zen where you can “lighten up” with flashes of spiritual humor. Enjoy the big picture, don’t mess with the details, release the past, and relish the present.  Be prepared for the lightning flash of serendipity!
  • Breakdown to Breakthrough: how to navigate the stormy seas of depression, and fatigue, rediscover meaning in your life and claim your personal best. Leverage conflict as a means for rapid growth; it will catapult you into your next level of creative success and enjoyment.
  • The Law of Manifestation. A super-training for CEOs and CFOs. This course is based on latest findings in Neuroplasticity, Midbrain function, the 3rd Eye (Pineal). The Pineal gland is  the Seat of Intuition, which the philosopher Descartes described as “that little kernel in the midst of the brain where the Soul holds her principal seat.” Learn how to activate this biological mechanism–known and guarded for centuries by the Vatican as well as ancient eastern seers–as the seat of inner mastery that is responsible for creating miracles.

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