Puja-Good Luck & Sacred Fire!

Puja-Good Luck & Sacred Fire!


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  1. Who is the Goddess who appears in the Flame? Grand Puja (Good Luck Ceremony) to Wealth Goddess Lakshmi & Wealth God Kubera, on Akshaya Tritiya, Day of Non-declining Wealth, a most auspicious occasion to begin new projects, new business, or ask for money & relationships.
    The offering prepared by Amrita in Sanctuario, Colombia.
    May all those who see & breathe in the Flame be blessed with wealth, health, great bliss & joie de vivre!

  2. I am very happy and honored
    that Kathy invited me to do a joint
    Good Luck Puja last night. I was in Santuario Colombia,and she was in Hong Kong.

    As Jesus said: “When 2 or more are gathered in my name I will be there”.

    I want to share with you, that in my life I have had many experiences that show me this to be true.And last night
    was one of those very special Pujas where I actually felt
    a very BIg Shift in Concsiousness,for me,my family and friends.This morning I had big evidencies of very positive things happening in my family.

    I am very Grateful and thanful with
    Lord Ganesh,Lord Kubera ,Goddess Lakshmi,Golden Mother and the Angelic Kindom
    for having come down to Anchor
    Non-Dclining Wealth,Perfect Love
    and Happiness and Perfect Health,for all my friends and family.

    May all Sentient Beings be Happy.


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