The Mother

The Mother

Healing the Wounded Feminine


I am so deeply touched by Dr. Pillai’s message about the Mother, just out before Mother’s Day. We experience our humanity and evolve, in the context of our relationships. Without relationships of every kind, we have no life. Our very first relationship is with the mother, because we grow up in her womb. No matter what kind of conditions you have with your mother, whether pleasant or not so nice, on the soul level, there’s always a deep, indelible bond that has to be acknowledged.

I know people who cut off from their mom, or don’t talk to her for years, or hold a bitter grudge. Such people experience a lot of anguish. Isn’t it much easier to find a place to let go and forgive? Forgiveness just means accepting her for who she is, and loving her the way she is, not the way you want her to be. This is tremendously freeing.

People who have healthy, positive relationship with their mother enjoy the flow of abundance. The abundance (both material & spiritual) can find pathways to enter their lives. Venus and Jupiter (two Brahmin teachers) are both in Taurus right now (May 9, 2013).  A surge of the Divine Feminine infuses planet earth. We are learning about love, tough love, and love without bargaining or negotiations. Love re-instated as core value. The wound with Mother should be healed on all levels. Whether your mother is alive or not it doesn’t matter. On the soul level, we are connected to our Mother. By healing the Wound, all the abundance and happiness you desire will find its way to you.


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